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RDX Kids Boxing Gloves


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Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves


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Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves


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RDX 4B Kids Boxing Gloves


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Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

Training your kids for boxing is often such a no-brainer decision.

This Olympic martial art can help your kids grow in physical and mental domains. However, unlike some other martial arts, you may come across, you have to spend more on boxing training. 

We are talking about training equipment and safety measures. Whereas some of this equipment is optional, boxing gloves for kids are something you cannot miss.

A good pair of boxing gloves does the job of training and protection at once. Therefore, it makes sense to get one to your kid as soon as they start boxing.

It does not matter when your kids start going to a boxing school; make sure they are accustomed to wearing a good pair of gloves whenever they are in the ring.

It must be clear to you already that there are no single perfect boxing gloves for kids. Even the criteria people use to select these gloves vary from person to person.

While some prioritize safety over anything else, some parents want a combination of protection and design.

Thoughtful of this need for diverse choices, we have prepared a list of the best five boxing gloves for kids in the market right now.

Since we have included boxing gloves made for a wide variety of purposes, you won’t have trouble choosing a pair for your kids.

Winner: RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

One of the most popular pairs of gloves on Amazon, RDX Kids Boxing Gloves, gets all the boxes right.

We are looking at a combination of high-quality construction, ventilation-friendly design, and reasonable pricing. It has been designed for both training and Muay Thai, but the actual possibilities are endless.

For instance, the gloves work fine for sparring, fighting, kickboxing, punch bag, grappling dummy, and focus pads punching.

In the case of build quality, you can see the impact of Maya Hide leather and the expanding foam. While its high-quality construction makes the pair long-lasting, the expansion foam keeps your kids on the safest side.

The extra padding and diffusion sheet also play a critical role in reducing the impact on hands. Thanks to its lightweight design, the gloves won’t restrain your kids’ movement, either.

Even when standing idle, the pair won’t bother your kid, which is impressive.

The RDX Kids Boxing Gloves uses a unique design called Quick EZ for application. A disturbing Velcro won’t be your concern while making your kids wear the pair.

Because the product comes from a premium brand like RDX, you can stop worrying about durability as well. This pair of sparring gloves will be a great companion to your kids, no matter which kind of boxing they like.

RDX has also used the Cool X palm-mesh technology to keep maximum ventilation during usage.

This variant of the gloves offers limited versatility in terms of choice. You have to choose either the green or pink finish.

While both of them look awesome, we’d have loved to see more options. Similarly, only 4oz and 6oz sizes are available right now. However, both versions don’t cost you much.

It means you have to look for something else if your kid is older than 9 years. Even a big 9-year-old kid will find these gloves comfortable enough over time on a related note.

Altogether, the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves seem to be a perfect companion for young boxers.

Thanks to an all-inclusive design, the pair becomes suitable for most kids. However, it would have been awesome if the pair of gloves were available in more than two sizes and colors.


  • Durable yet lightweight design.
  • Expansion foam for extra comfort.
  • Offers decent ventilation options.
  • Uses Maya Hide leather.


  • Available in only two colors.

Runner-Up: Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves

Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves

There are times when you need a pair of boxing gloves that don’t cost much. You can even buy two of them for regular use.

The Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves belongs to this category. At the cost of a premium cup of coffee, you get decent-enough boxing gloves.

You can use them for training, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, sparring, punch bags, punch mitts, and focus pads. However, because you pay a little less, you have to make a few compromises.

First of all, these cartoon-themed gloves are using PU leather and EVA foam for construction.

While PU-based leather is powerful enough, the gloves don’t feel as premium as the winner we have picked. However, you won’t have trouble cleaning this pair of gloves on any day.

We couldn’t find any extra support material in the package, though. Because the product uses faux leather, it weighs less than a leather-based glove.

There isn’t much innovation in the design and application, though. You find an elastic wrist strap that you’d have seen on other gloves.

While it’s comfortable to wear and take off, the strap isn’t the most sturdy one. In the same way, you miss advanced features for ventilation. Your kids may have to take the gloves off after you have worn them for a long time.

On the bright side, a thickened design will offer additional protection to your thumbs.

Unlike the first pick, though, the Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves are available in four different colors. Based on who you are getting the gloves for, you can choose between black, blue, red, and pink.

Despite the lower price tag they accompany, these gloves have a high-quality cartoon-themed design. We would have loved to see a better variety of cartoon designs, though.

The problem here is that you can only find a single size of the glove: 4oz.

If you can live with a few compromises, the Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves are a great cost-effective choice from the market. In the end, you can ensure the best quality and comfort.


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Lightweight faux leather.
  • Additional protection via thickening.


  • Only a single size is available.

Alternative: Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves

Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves

The Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves are a worthwhile alternative to the boxing gloves we have listed above.

It is an impressive blend of quality build and top-class design, and your kids will surely love them. While this pair of gloves don’t have as many features as we have seen on other products, it checks the basic boxes.

First, you get a design comprising an air vent and thick padding.

Similarly, it uses a power Velcro, which makes things easy for your kids. The design is exceptionally snug-fit, meaning that your kids will find the gloves comfortable enough to wear.

The company says the boxing gloves are suitable for punching bag training, standard boxing training. However, in general, the thick foam padding can improve the viability of the gloves.

There are a few areas where the manufacturer could improve things, though. For instance, the gloves use a synthetic leather material for construction.

It doesn’t feel as premium as our first pick. Similarly, you do not have much choice in terms of size. So, if your kid is too young or too old, these gloves won’t be the most comfortable pick.

In the end, Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves are a decent choice, indeed. It’s just that you should not expect over-the-top quality or a premium feel from the product. Rest assured, unless your kid punches really hard.

They would love this pair. At the same time, you may have to replace the gloves as your kid grows older and they gain some style in boxing training.


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Attractive color & design.
  • Easy to use Power Velcro.
  • Thick Foam Padding.


  • Build material could be better.

Alternative: RDX 4B Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

In many aspects, this pair of boxing gloves are similar to the top pick we have recommended.

However, it has an impressive design that looks so professional. Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality boxing gloves that don’t cost a fortune, you should check this out.

Unlike the other alternatives we have listed, these RDX gloves are made using leather, a quality relief.

Once again, we see the use of Maya Hide leather and the Quick EZ wrist design.

These two features add so much value to durability and comfort. While these gloves may cost you almost double the price of a typical pair of gloves, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The combination mentioned above helps reduce cracks, tear, and splits.

RDX has used a combination of black and white colors, along with red highlights, coming back to the design.

Because the brand has been working on junior boxing gloves for years, you don’t have to doubt their results in impact resistance and force distribution. Even if your kid has to wear these gloves for prolonged periods, the design can keep up.

Young boxers who have been using the gloves seem to be pretty satisfied with their comfort level. The Cool X palm-mesh technology appears to be doing an impressive job in enabling maximum ventilation.

Although it is available in only one finish, you can choose between 4oz and 6oz sizes. Long story short, this is one of the semi-premium boxing gloves you can get for kids.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Proper ventilation options.
  • Quick EZ Wrist design.
  • Full leather finish.


  • Available in only one finish

Alternative: Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

There are times when you need the most premium boxing gloves for your kids, right?

The Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves belong to this category and offer the best design and build quality you can expect. More importantly, these gloves are available in three different sizes, such as 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz.

Therefore, this can be a great choice if you are looking for a suitable pair of gloves for your 11-year-old kids.

As you can see, the pair of gloves looks stunning from every angle. An anatomical curve makes it easy for your kid to keep wearing these gloves for extended periods.

However, the manufacturer has used a Velcro-based mechanism to open and close the gloves. We thought they could have picked something a little more innovative.

There are also a few limitations in terms of the finishes you can get. Only one finish of the gloves is available right now, but you can choose between three sizes.

Also, considering the price you have to pay, we should have seen a better quality leather variant. While the type of synthetic currently used feels premium, it could be better for the most part.

Hundreds of kids have used these gloves for martial arts tournaments, which is excellent.

These reviews highlight that the gloves feel comfortable when worn for long periods. It makes them the best boxing gloves for training.

At the same time, we believe Venum has to improve what they offer in the customer service sector.


  • Premium finish.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Suitable for tournaments.


  • It could be more durable.

Boxing Gloves for Kids FAQ

What size boxing gloves does my child need?


You can choose the right size of boxing gloves based on how old your child is. It makes better sense to choose based on your kids’ weight.

There may be a few differences based on the brand of gloves you are getting even then.

However, in most cases, you can choose the 4oz variant for kids under 60lbs and the 6oz variant for kids weighing between 61lbs to 80lbs. 

On the other hand, if your kid weighs 81lbs and 100lbs, you should choose an 8oz boxing glove. Because boxing gloves use expanding material, getting a lower-sized boxing glove may not be a big problem.

But getting a very loose pair of gloves may affect your kids’ speed and performance during training. Therefore, if you are stuck between 6oz and 4oz, go for the 4oz variant.

Can my 3-year-old start boxing?

If your 3-year-old is interested in boxing, he or she can start boxing training from any age.

However, you’ve to pay attention to a few factors. Like other martial arts, boxing also poses common dangers, such as injuries and tiredness.

Therefore, while your 3-year-old may find boxing a great way to vent out all the extra energy, you have to make sure that they don’t overdo it.

We should also mention that 4-5 years is considered the ideal age to start boxing training. So, unless your 3-year-old shows some serious signs of interest in boxing, you shouldn’t get them signed up anywhere.

In both cases, ensure you get the proper training and protective equipment. It all starts with a comfortable pair of gloves.

At what age should a kid start boxing?


The ideal age to start boxing training is 4 to 5 years, given that you choose the basic category.

Nevertheless, some experts say that the age is too low to begin learning martial arts of any kind. The truth is that everything depends on the kid. As we mentioned while answering the previous question, if your kid shows interest in learning boxing, you can sign them up.

You have to ensure that you choose a boxing school designed for kids. It would take care of two things. Your kid will have a suitable environment consisting of a peer group.

Two, these schools have trainers who know how to tackle safety issues. In other words, you can worry less whenever your kid starts to learn boxing.

Is 16 too old to start boxing?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to discourage your child from boxing training just because they are sixteen. If you look at history, you will see that many started their boxing training during their adolescent period.

That never stopped them from achieving heights in professional boxing and kickboxing. It’s just that starting boxing training as a kid offers a few benefits.

For instance, when your child starts boxing training at 16, their body needs more time to get used to the action. This delay won’t be there if they start the process a little early.

If your child is willing to take that extra effort, you shouldn’t think twice before getting them signed up at a boxing school. Another advantage is that they can swiftly move to professional boxing and reduce injuries.

How to choose the best boxing gloves?


The best boxing gloves for your kids should fit their body and offer continuous comfort.

If you want your kid to move forward with boxing training, you should prepare them for tournaments and long-term sessions. It is one of the areas where a good pair of boxing gloves have a role.

That is why we have recommended gloves that prioritize comfort over design aesthetics. As to how much you should spend on a pair of gloves, you can pick one based on your needs.

The Bottom Line

We hope our coverage of the best boxing gloves for beginners helps you make the right pick. We believe you should prioritize comfort over design so that the gloves help your kid box better.

From that point of view, you may have to choose a well-built pair of boxing gloves from a trusted brand instead of something that just looks cool on your child.

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Nathan Kelly

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