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Tuff Boxing Sport Shorts

Some people think that shorts are the least important thing among the equipment you need for MMA.

IT happens because people don’t understand the moves Mixed Martial Arts professionals go through regularly.

Things don’t change when choosing the best kids MMA shorts, either. You should be more careful. As it goes without saying, you cannot make a random selection here.

Here’s the thing. One significant reason why you should get your kids signed up for MMA is that they can get familiar with the training from an early stage.

When you build such an environment for your kids, a not-so-great selection of shorts shouldn’t hold them back. Instead, the MMA shorts must enhance the comfort and flexibility during MMA training for kids.

The good MMA shorts will also help your kid avail of all the benefits of mixed martial arts, including but not limited to self-defense and body control.

That is what we have paid the most attention to while choosing the best kids MMA shorts from the current market.

We understand the sheer amount of MMA shorts you can find in the market, and we aimed to keep things simple.

We have chosen only five products that you can choose based on what your child wants and, of course, the size.

Winner: Shock Doctor Compression Shorts

Shock Doctor Compression Shorts

We have chosen these MMA shorts from Shock Doctor for a couple of reasons. First, the product comes from a company that has designed athletic wear for decades.

They understand the priorities MMA athletes have while choosing a pair of shorts. Second, the Shock Doctor Compression Shorts are some of the highest-rated products on Amazon in this category.

Even though we are not choosing a made-for-kids product, we’re selecting a kids size version of a fully-fledged MMA shorts product. It means your kid can enjoy all the superb features a professional MMA athlete would have while wearing these shorts.

The Bio-Flex Cup is the most important thing you should note about the Shock Doctor Compression Shorts.

It has been designed to provide maximum protection to crucial areas of your body without hindering comfort or flexibility. Your kid can arrange the cup at their convenience so that they can enjoy ultimate control over their movements.

Because the shorts are made for athletes involved in multiple sports, flexibility is one thing that the manufacturer doesn’t compromise. On an additional note, if your kid is into sports other than MMA, this one pair of shorts would be more than enough.

Now, coming to construction, Shock Doctor has used a four-way stretch fabric that matches your various athletic needs. The best part is that the material can also resist sweat greatly.

We cannot say the same about the random MMA shorts you may find in the market. The dual mesh-cup design and flatlock will also provide additional flexibility while moving around.

The material also adjusts itself to provide your child maximum ventilation. Therefore, if your kids spend too much time on the ring, these shorts will be a suitable pick from the long-term comfort point of view.

Despite the premium design and features inside, the Shock Doctor Compression Shorts don’t cost as much as we expected them to. Both the kids’ and adults’ versions of these MMA shorts cost lower than a premium meal outside.

You can even consider buying a couple of this product instead of one.

As for sizing, you have three options within the Boys category: Small, Medium, and Large. Depending on what your kid likes, they can also choose between a Black, White, and US Flag finish of the shorts. Regardless of the finish you pick, it does the job it’s supposed to do.


  • Bio-Flex Cup for extra comfort
  • Premium design and finish
  • Sweat-resistant material
  • Four-way stretch design


  • Only a few finishes

Runner Up: SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids

SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids

Second on this list are the SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids, which are available in a wide variety of color finishes.

Unlike the first product we have covered, this one has been designed for kids alone. You can say it by merely looking at the design of the shorts.

Unlike the professional look, our first pick had, the SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids will attract your kids’ attention. However, the exact product doesn’t make many compromises when it comes to design either.

First of all, it has been designed to work with an elastic closure, which is very comfortable for kids.

Of course, the manufacturer has used a better stitching style to create a long-lasting product.

The flexible design also increases the chance of having a more comfortable wearing experience if your kids plan to wear this for extended periods. It’s also worth noting that the colors don’t fade after a few laundry instances.

Instead, they have a persisting finish, which means you won’t have to look for replacements anytime soon. Like the first pick, SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids are also designed for multiple needs, including MMA and Muay Thai.

While these shorts are of superior quality, we cannot recommend them for tournament-based needs.

The reason is simple. Unlike the first pick, the SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids don’t provide additional protection to crucial body areas. On the other hand, if you are looking for a long-lasting pair of shorts for your kids’ regular MMA training, this product makes perfect sense.

Depending on the size you choose, the shorts may cost you different figures. However, we think its prices are reasonable compared to the industry standard.

As we said earlier, you can get the SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts for Kids in five different finishes. While there are only three color-based variants — Black, Blue, and Red —, you can get some extra choice in terms of the design.

As you can expect, the product is available in different sizes. So, no matter when your child starts MMA training, you can pick these MMA shorts for them. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that your kids will love the stunning colors on these shorts.

Altogether, it fits all our criteria while choosing a second-best pair of shorts for kids.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Long-lasting design
  • Elastic build for comfort


  • No premium finish

Alternative: SOTF Breathable Shorts for Boys

SOTF Breathable Shorts for Boys

There are times when you want a pair of shorts that look and feel premium without costing too much. That is where the SOTF Breathable Shorts for Boys come in.

The product comes from the same manufacturer as our second-best pick in this article, but there are a few differences in design. If you think our first two picks aren’t suitable for your kids, you should check this one out.

We’d say the product brings the best of both worlds. As you can guess, it has been designed for MMA and other needs like boxing, basketball, and running.

The shorts have been made using stretch fabric to expand and shorten according to your style. This design can reduce friction between the material and your kids’ bodies from the training point of view.

As a result, they would have a better experience of moving around in the ring or the training pad. At the same time, SOTF has used a firm stitching technology to make the product last longer than you expect.

Because the shorts are made for athletes from different backgrounds, the entire design promotes a healthier movement style.

We should also appreciate the overall quality of the design. You can choose between four different finishes: Black, Black Gray, Black Red, and Pink.

In each of these finishes, you can also pick a suitable size based on your kid’s age. More importantly, regardless of the size you choose, the Velcro and Drawstring design will improve the overall flexibility of the shorts.

As for the size, you can pick anything between X-small to XX-large. It makes things easier while choosing a product. However, something that you’d miss is the extra protection features.

Altogether, we think the SOTF Breathable Shorts for Boys are an improvement in many aspects. However, the product focuses more on creating a durable design and maximum comfort.

Protection from day-to-day events in MMA training is the least priority for the manufacturer. If these pointers match with what you are looking for, these shorts are a great choice, indeed.

On a related note, if your kids need a simple yet impressive pair of shorts for occasional MMA training, this one looks stunning on any day. Again, this won’t be an excellent choice for tournaments.


  • Versatile design options
  • Velcro and Drawstring design
  • Stretch-friendly fabric
  • Made for multiple sports


  • No dedicated protection

Alternative: RAD MMA Fight Shorts

RAD MMA Fight Shorts

We also wanted to recommend a product that has been made for MMA training alone. That is why we have included the RAD MMA Fight Shorts on this list.

While this isn’t the most premium product in the collection of MMA shorts, it gets the job done. First, you can see a combination of Velcro and a well-built drawstring closure.

These technologies can provide the best fit and comfort while engaged in MMA training when combined. It also comes with a more straightforward design that doesn’t distract your eyes. Instead, it blends with the typical environment for MMA fight and cage fighting.

There are a few features that improve the overall flexibility of the product. For instance, the flex panels can provide maximum support for your dynamic movements. Your kids can also use the inner drawstring to make the shorts fit them well.

These minute details can improve the overall comfort while wearing the MMA shorts for continuous sessions. Similarly, the combination of tough polyester and stretchable fabric creates a truly durable design for MMA training.

In the end, you won’t have to worry about the shorts holding your kid back when they are training.

As for the design, you can choose between two options: Green Camo and White Camo. Both these look very well and blend with the typical designs you see in an MMA training school for kids.

We also noticed that the pair of shorts cost the same, no matter which color or size you pick. It could be a solace when you’d like to purchase multiple MMA training shorts for your kids. It’s also worth noting that the product does not come with any heavy branding, per se. Having said that, we would have loved to see a more specific set of sizing options.

Altogether, we think the RAD MMA Fight Shorts are an effective alternative to the shorts we have covered before. It brings together some of the best designs and minute features that improve the long-term usability of the shorts.

Even then, the lack of protection could be a concern for many.

So, make sure your kid has some additional protective equipment if they plan to do tournaments and professional training sessions wearing these shorts.

After all, given that these shorts cost less than a good cup of coffee, you can spend the extra funds on getting the right protective gear.

Best Kids MMA Shorts for Girls: Tuff Boxing Sport Shorts

Tuff Boxing Sport Shorts

If you want to choose the best MMA shorts for your daughter, you may want to consider the products in this Tuff Boxing Sports Shorts collection.

One of the highest-rated products in the category, you can get the shorts in a wide variety of finishes. We are talking about Pink, White, Black, Blue, Orange, and even the colors you won’t find on the VIBGYOR panel! For each color, the manufacturer has used a suitable design as well.

So, ultimately, you can let your kid choose a color and design they like. And the brand has ensured best-in-class quality for all products.

If we keep the design aspect apart, the Tuff Boxing Sports Shorts are not so different from the other pairs of shorts we have listed above.

They provide the same amount of comfort and flexibility as the products previously covered in the list. Similarly, because it has been designed with microfiber, your kid won’t be bothered by sweat, either.

It’s also impressive that the manufacturer has kept these shorts lightweight. So, combining them with other protective gear won’t be a problem. Instead of a Velcro-drawstring combo, the design uses only a drawstring, though.

Long story short, choose this pair of shorts if you need something that doesn’t compromise the flexibility or comfort while providing your kids the freedom to look super-cool.

Kids MMA Shorts FAQ

What are MMA shorts called?


MMA shorts are called MMA shorts and grappling shorts, based on the environment.

Regardless of the name they have, these shorts are marked by their durability and flexibility. The shorts are designed to offer best-in-class support while the athletes move during training.

What do MMA fighters wear under their shorts?

Although it depends on the MMA fighter, the most popular choices are flexible cups and compression shorts.

While the cups can protect your body parts from accidental injuries during training, compression shorts will disperse the overall force on the body. Both of them are used for additional security.

Do MMA fighters wear a cup?


Yes, many MMA fighters wear a cup to protect their body parts from injuries during MMA fights and training.

These cups are mostly placed under the MMA shorts and provide maximum protection without affecting movement and flexibility.

Why are Muay Thai shorts so short?

Muay Thai shorts are designed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility to the athletes. If the shorts are too long, the design can prevent the athletes from performing dynamic movements.

Therefore, experts like to have their Muay Thai shorts so short.

Which are the best MMA training shorts for kids?


Just like professional MMA players, children also need maximum control and flexibility over their bodies.

That is why experts recommend choosing a pair of shorts that offer maximum comfort over design.

With that said, you can also select shorts that offer additional protection via method and cups.

Are compression shorts useful in MMA training?

Any experienced MMA athlete would tell you that compression shorts are great during training.

These shorts can provide you the maximum comfort and protection during intense fight sessions. And it’d be great if your kid gets used to these shorts from the early stages of training.

The Bottom Line

We hope you liked our list of the best MMA shorts for kids and youth. As you may have noticed, most of the products we have listed are available in Kids’ and Adults’ sizes.

So, if your kid gets used to a particular type or brand of MMA shorts, you won’t have trouble getting the same product in a larger size in the future. This will be a solace for parents who want to support their kids in their long-term athletic goals as they grow.

n the end, getting the best pair of training shorts is the smallest thing you can do to help your kid grab success in MMA training.

Best Kids MMA Shorts 6

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